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Seal of Product Quality Awarded Gold Brand Consumers’ Choice Award

The Seal of Product Quality, Awarded Gold Brand and Consumers’ Choice Award endorses the success of Filipino brands that excel in the marketplace. Enjoy the prestigious presentation of your products and services and be inspired as one of the leading brands in the Philippines. The Seal of Product Quality, Awarded Gold Brand and Consumers’ Choice Award is a positive and valuable positioning statement for your brand.

The award seal program acknowledges the local brand players and highlights their competitive edge. The award seals are specifically for medium to small sized products and services which can include the successful food and beverage operations, restaurants and boutique hotels, apparel, perfumery, shoes and bags, franchises, health products and services, hair and body salons, independent medium sized malls and/or groceries, car accessories and maintenance services, real estate companies, web developers, and more.

The Seal of Product Quality, Awarded Gold Brand and Consumers’ Choice Award is a Filipino company managed and operated by Superbrand Marketing International Inc.


  • Use of Award Seal Logo for 24 months. With the use of the Award Seal national logo, co-brand your products and promotional materials to enhance and promote your brand and to secure consumer brand recognition.
  • 24-months participation for the Award Seal program. The Award Seal annual program promises a formidable group of brands who have successfully marketed their products and services and is proud to stand as The Seal of Product Quality, Awarded Gold Brand or as Consumers’ Choice Award.
  • Award Seal E-book Publication. Upon participation brands are requested for the information about their products and services that they wish to feature on the Award Seal E-book publication. The Award Seal E-book publication will be uploaded on this website and will be made available for national and international viewing.
  • Legal services for your brand’s Intellectual Property, Copyright and Patents. We offer legal services for an additional fee for IP registration, Copyright and Patent registration to protect your brand’s products and services and take no chances with the goodwill and integrity you have already achieved.
  • Brand Consultancy. Branding is recognition; it generates aspirations for leveling-up to competition to serve its consumers. The best and finest products and services brands indemnify. This service is offered upon request to promote strategic management consultancy towards branding. It is inclusive of a comprehensive marketing analysis and PR.


  • Participation in the Award Seal Program is by invitation only.
  • Each brand will be evaluated based on the selection criteria.
  • You may send your brand and corporate profile to for evaluation. Wait for a SMI representative to get in touch with you.

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