Branding is Necessity!

One cannot brand if there is no integrity towards a product, service or a personal identity for purposes of politics, sheer popularity or for leadership. What is bogus will stay bogus regardless of the perceptions promoted by media. But wait; I may be wrong here… because media today is almost all encompassing; I regret to announce that perceptions are created, bogus or otherwise by media. Public opinion as we all know it has been lost to the all powerful media who have figured out a strategy to control this by way of an endorser called surveys who promote non truths with the issuance of their survey reports. It is unfortunate that powers that are today, who may think they are the powerful only succumb to the pressures of media and its interests. We are all beholden by them, most especially TV. Public opinion has been relegated to the backburner and will no longer dictate what the majority thinks feels or have as ideals. It is all about entertainment and the “mezmerization” of the masses. It is like a trance that the masses are subjected to not necessarily generating aspirations any longer but a world of make-believe to replace the doldrums of everyday life.

Branding has been taken to a new level, a new normal where politicians and business leaders have taken control as if mental decapitation has occurred for all. Oddly enough government who wields the power over the national patrimony has succumbed to the powers of media not realizing the back-bite will be irreversible towards their interest one day. There is only the prevailing interest and this is; and that is of its proprietor who no longer needs politicians with the popular vote. After all, they have already acquired the majority vote on a daily basis called the ratings game.

There is a need to brand ourselves be it for business, community participation, and or leadership for sheer identity. The need to brand in essence is to generate an integrity we require for our products, our services if not ourselves. Integrity is the integral part of our being that is a necessity to communicate and generate perceptions for reliability. Without this integrity there is no commerce, there is no trust, there is no attraction and worst of all no perceptions of who we are, what we do and what we stand for. To brand is the only option we as human beings in this modern world can hold to.

Confusing and complicated our world has come to; it has become a necessity to brand. With the introduction of thousands of brand entrants into the market place every year not withstanding the global population growth; it has become imperative we identify who amongst us who qualifies towards the many requirements our communities and the world is in need of. Demand is driven by the consumer populace which is highly volatile and ever changing with innovations and pressures that becomes reality.

It is 2024 and media today is called SOCMED.

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