It is not about being number 1 or having the biggest sales volumes!

When something doesn’t work it frustrates us especially when in the middle of things the product and or services fail us. When services or products don’t perform, it increases the stress levels so much so with today’s internet social sites, we attack the product/ service to spite them if necessary. Brands need to remember that should their brand promise fail – the brand suffers irreparable damage. This damage cannot be measured and should we try, surely the amounts of money spent to generate an awareness is rebuffed and totally lost. So the question remains; why do brands continue this practice with poor to no deliverables spending tons of money to promote stress? A good example would be the telecoms that persist to peddle poor services. The reason I believe this is so is because they can get away with it carting off moneys generated upon a launch period only to discard the brand thereafter. This is possibly the reason they brand services over and above the corporate image which is lost anyway with their poor strategies.

Generally this would be regulated with an active and comprehensive Department of Trade and Industry. Unfortunately for us the department is only interested in generating an income from registrations due to compliance disregarding the services they are required to protect consumers from. Now if we have courts where we can seek redress, we can minimize if not regulate the many brands that are created for this dubious objective. Having to wait decades for resolutions for redress needless to say is fortuitous. Imagine running after a brand for using your brand title complaining to the Intellectual Property Office and or the DTI costing you money, only made to wait due the endless procedures government employees hide behind. This tells us it is but a useless exercise.

Branding is all about the consistent delivery of the brand promise generating integrity making it the brand, nothing more. It is not about being number 1 or having the biggest sales volumes, it is not about measurements or surveys and it is not advertising… it is all about Superbranding! And this is the reason we have brands and we have the fakes. Branding is not about a popularity that is celebritized nor is it a perception concocted to generate a false truth either. Let us leave the latter to our politicians who have mustered the skills in doing this. A healthy consumerism is what countries require together with a population whose arithmetic is apt to generate a sustaining commerce. This we learn in school be it for business administration, accounting and commerce however that practice and the elusive virtue called discipline all together is a different science. Introducing the true concept of branding is all about a sustainability that is rooted deeply in truths. The reason it has to be about the truth is because it is all about the consistent delivery of whatever is promised, ergo the brand promise! Difficult to comprehend yet so simple an analogy!  To understand branding – Superbrand!

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