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While the only thing that is constant is change – branding needs to remain constant and to accept innovation in this ever changing world. From product technology up-grades, to media marketing platforms improving almost daily, one need to never loose sight of what the brand is. This is you and your product. Perceptions while considered truth to most isn’t necessarily truth – it is what we require to promote position in a market place. Be it a niche market advantage or strategy, objectives cannot be changing. After all, what for is an objective if thru multiple considerations our goals are wavering never achieving what it is, we set out to do! With Superbranding we are guided by our objectives, sensitive with our strategies but always in consideration of the ever changing world we need to stay in front off and to not loose the arena we are most comfortable with.

There are so many professional marketers and yet few who truly understand branding accessing increased sales as the ultimate success without wanting to see the future and stability to maintain the market. The ability to sensitize does not necessarily mean to stay numb to market forces that theoretically guide us to do what is traditionally correct. The mess banks have gone thru in recent years is a culmination of bad management and short term strategy. The reason brands that were big and seeming infallible over decades past are studies that have to be revisited. Look at Singer, Hoover, Xerox, Kodak, etc. are examples of what not to do. In these examples, sales championed while branding took the passengers seat. We need to be the driver for our brands to stay the course in lieu sometimes of shortcuts to save time. A proper assessment but with incorrect indicators or for that matter values – will only mutate the demise of the brand.

Surveys are tools that compel management towards decision making however do not necessarily bode well with long term staying power. I am not saying to be conservative in this day and age is strategic but to learn from the experience of others who have succeeded in branding and still around are lesson to cherish. Expanding is considerations most see for growth however venturing outside the core business or expertise can spell disaster over time. To duplicate product success with new entrants may be strategic considering marketing principles are already in place, i.e. distribution, the manufacturing capability, marketing expertise and advertising know how; however many have failed the brand in the process over time. The problem can also be theories many of us were educated with. Even the best and the finest in Wall Street and in the financial districts of Europe succumbed to defaults and a near world financial collapse having government swallow their incompetence and yet these are allegedly the best in the field. I guess the problem is who the best is and who is correct. The preacher can be wrong and the leader misleading. In the end only the brand custodian is held responsible for the brand to stay the course. We are all temporary and sheer custodian regardless if we own the brand because in time the brand lives out our lives and management.

Should you wish to stay the brand, consider Superbrands!

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