Why the need to be a Superbrand

Awards are accolades required by many to prove to them if not its market that their products and services are good if not in good standing. Evaluations as to pricing strategies apply only after its branding success and never before it. It is always the competitive price points that are strategic at this point. Until market shares are won and branding becomes a reality are profit margins widened to compensate for spending in marketing when it should always be part and parcel of the investment in the first place. You do not wait for success you strategize to achieve it. Investing on marketing is as much a priority as the creation of the product for commerce.

The problem with awards is that in this country they are a dime-a-dozen. Here is to the best barber shop, the best supermarket, the best hair product and so forth. Don’t you just hate it when these anonymous awards that come in different colors and metal categories etc. openly pronounce citations’ that have no authority other than its pronouncements. Many fall prey to these awards and pay for it. After all one cannot award itself. We always need a second party to endorse our successes and not from within. For endorsers, when they fault their product endorsements fault as well. So why dare to be vulnerable? I personally find it interesting when multiple awards are displayed openly; are the awardees being true to themselves? Probably not, unless this is to entice and fool the staff they are arriving if not arrived. This has to be a false pretence that leads nowhere.

Awards are not necessarily affordable. After all who would wish to enjoin a loser? Everybody loves a winner and losers are by themselves. So the question begs – is it fruitful to invest in awards? The answer is yes, assuming of course you qualify. The professional award bodies take no chances or they loose their business model as well. They too realize they can make or break a brand. There is definitely strength in numbers and to group with winners. This perception is won by the way award committees handle themselves with public relations. The ability to generate a perception for integrity – which is given strength only through sustaining media presence, is key. This presence is by no way a walk in the park with the high cost of media exposure, events and creative positioning. An international presence is a plus and only in numbers is integrity won.

So don’t just accept awards – certify only with integrity. This is Superbranding!

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